Tuesday, December 06, 2005


... What's up with the potty mouth?

Seriously. None of the ^%^#%@ moments were outrageous within context, but considering that there's no precedent for them, they felt jarring and out of place.

As for the actual issue... *sigh* The ugly first: The throwback funky-fonted debut of Lazara hurt. It was bad, worse than the throwback funky-fonted Batgirl at the end. Nora deserved better. So did Victor, for that matter. I beg that this isn't the introduction of a new Cass nemesis. I'd have to stop mocking Judd Winick for his villains.

Otherwise, it read like Andersen Gabrych was short a coat of paint. With only some scattershot self-analysis by Cass to push things along, you didn't have to look too closely to see the foundations of forthcoming arcs. Some of the fighting felt gratuitous -- or maybe I'm still too unexcited by Pop Mhan's art to be entertained by it. Too many wannabe League of Assassins types, all of whom we're supposed to care about -- or at least remember their names. Too much Cass watching Shiva watching Cass. Not enough Nyssa making sense. Not enough clear storytelling to justify the "we just spent how many issues on the Who's My Mommy storyline and we're dropping it like a hot rock?" ending.

I still think highly of the title, but I can't say that this was one of Gabrych's better arcs -- that Pig Dude Lobo ripoff from earlier on will haunt him as well. Gabrych clearly had an idea of where he wanted Cass to go in this storyline, but there were too many places where he told us rather than showed us how she got there. On the other hand, he did get parts of the Infinite Crisis prequel stories to make sense, so...


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

The first thing I'd say is that Graybach's likely not setting up future arcs, as the series is cancelled at #73, with all indications being Cass is being shoved aside so Barbra Gordon can don the suit again *expletive deleted*.

I was disappointed with Lazara as well. It was nice they finally tried to bring Mrs. freeze back, but I would have preferred a failure or for her to be normal. But a wackjob with power over the dead? Pass. With any luck she'll show up in Gotham and Punisher-lite, I mean the Red Hood will end it.

Wed Dec 07, 07:09:00 PM EST  
Blogger Andrew Burton said...

Either Barbara Gordon or Helena Bertinelli. Either way... Meh.

Welcome back, Shrew!

Fri Dec 09, 12:08:00 AM EST  
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