Friday, October 21, 2005


I think it's safe to say that I'm past the phase where Greg Land's art interests me in the slightest. The phase probably ended sometime during Sojourn, if not before, but... we may be approaching Marc Silvestri territory, where his art actively keeps me from enjoying a story.

On the other hand, Land's cheesecake art works perfectly with Mark Millar's soap opera of a plot. Of course Mama Storm is a bodacious babe who looks no more like a genius researcher than Tara Reid did, let alone a mother of two teenaged children. And Johnny Storm looks like he stepped out of a WB series, which if you take away the whole Namor thing is what this story is. Blah.

I skipped the parallel-Earth zombie arc, which was apparently more interesting than the Namor arc will be. Not feeling the love anymore, not with the witty geek banter that Bendis started and Ellis raised to an art turned into lame jokes about poo and the only suspense being whether Reed will get cut off by Sue. Millar is boring here when he at least can work up a good bit of frustrating-and-annoying over in Ultimates (and the closer-to-fury that was Ultimate X-Men.)


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