Monday, October 03, 2005

The Shrew Does Some More Admin

* Because it was posted weeks ago but now the movie is finally out: the Mirrormask review.

* The Death Jr. trade will be out in November. This is the darned nifty Mike Mignola cover art. Put this on your wishlists, folks.

* Still embarrassingly behind on the Infinite Crisis reading and have resorted to cheating because, well, that pile looks no more appealing the longer it sits there unread.

* Whither reviews? Coming, but sporadically. September was an unintentionally eventful month and October, because of the Jewish holidays, was always scheduled to be erratic. The Day of Atonement rates higher than the Day of Vengeance. It has been my policy to keep the Secret Life of Insectivores as just that, but I've been disappearing with such regularity that I feel I sort of owe an apology to readers. So... I'm sorry for the AWOLs. I can't promise that it won't happen again, in fact it probably will, but it's not from disinterest. Spirit willing, flesh annoyingly weak. And I've read too much Warren Ellis to seriously imagine replacing the offending parts. Aliens and rotor blades may end up involved.

So... a Happy New Year to everyone (party like it's 5766!) and go see Serenity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Infinite Crisis has taught me anything, it's that Greg Rucka is quite possibly the most powerful Wonder Woman villain ever.

Wed Oct 05, 10:58:00 AM EDT  

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