Wednesday, October 19, 2005

JLA #120

I knew this was a lost cause the moment I realized that this issue was only readable if done in the style of Willam Shatner-as-Captain Kirk.

That first page... with all the narrative... monologue... broken up by random ellipses... and full of unintentionally ironic pomposity... segues into typical Bob Harras lousy dialogue (broken by random ellipses) and eye-crossing attempts at plot. It felt like the X-Men again, especially once Dawn started talking about the astral plane. She was Jean to J'onn's Xavier and I started having flashbacks and mental run-time errors.

I honestly couldn't read this too closely. I was skimming along until the dirt-scattering ceremony, but I was never a Trekkie and emulating William Shatner couldn't keep me entertained for long. This was such a conglomeration of randomness and badness and whichever characters aren't currently being made dead or evil in Crisis II and all it did was reinforce that my JLA ended around when The Obsidian Age did (and stopped being a must-read after Waid left).

Tom Derenick's art doesn't do anything for me -- except make me grab my foot in sympathy for that one panel where the unhappy foreshortening of Dawn's leg makes her look like a club-footed hobbit.

Unrelated, which shouldn't matter considering the book: Is anyone keeping a tally of who has gotten dead and evil over in Infinite Crisis?


Blogger Jhunt said...

Yeah, I blogged it at my site, and I had pretty much the same reaction as you. Just an unpleasant, tedious book. Blech. I almost can't believe how annoying everybody in the league is these days, especially that Green Arrow dillweed.

Wed Oct 19, 05:40:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is JLA the DC dumping ground? Why are talented people working on JLA Classified, and the infinite number of infinite crisis tie-ins and NOT the book that should be the DCU flagship title?

Thu Dec 08, 02:05:00 PM EST  
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