Friday, October 21, 2005


Formulaic pablum (is that redundant?) for fanboys.

I don't know what I was expecting here. The scope of the concept is far too great to squish into a six-issue miniseries, so instead Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons are working a sales pitch that has all the pizzazz of vanilla yogurt. Nonfat and slightly warm.

Still not enamored of the whole Hill Street Blues-ification of the GL Corps, but I'm somewhat lacking for better ideas. Mostly because I haven't thought about it much. That the Corpsmen have seemingly exchanged mindlessly following the Guardians' peremptory orders for mindlessly following the talking Rings' orders... Bah. As is the inevitable "Guy is a rebel" defiance. Guy and Kyle Rayner are surprisingly bland for what should be some sort of unholy alliance. The whole Enemy Mine subplot (aka 'let's partner up the representatives of the warring factions to teach them to look beyond the conflict' thing with the Rannian and the Thanagarian) was purely paint-by-numbers. As was the issue. As will be the series. I should stop expecting more.

Speaking of things dorky fanboy GL... I've been having inordinate amounts of fun with the DC Showcase edition (oh, Hal, you cad!) There's not much lost in the switch from the hardbound, glossy stock, fully colored Archive Editions -- except $40 USD off the pricetag. The helpful stating-the-obvious narrative style of the time makes sure you know when Hal encounters yellow objects, even if it doesn't ever explain why Hal fails to defend himself against yellow objects thrown at him. Like the Marvel Essentials series they are copying, the DC Showcase books are thick as a brick (500+ pages) and cheap ($10), so if you're looking for some charming, bonkers, old-school heroism, you can't find a better deal for the money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're SO right about the Showcase edition. I've been loving that stuff.

It's so clear that Broome and Kane would've been happy doing a romance comic with Hal and Carol, though Kane depictions of flight in the action scenes are pure magic. It's great when Hal's unwanted advances toward Carol included walking into his office and putting his arms around her. Ah, those carefree, innocent days of sexual harrassment ...

Despite that, we must praise the series for being an early example of a woman in an executive position (even if she got the job from Daddy, she was always shown as good at it).

I noticed the thank-god-for-the-captions issue with yellow stuff, too. And as with the Romita work in the Spider-Man Essentials, I find the art more enchanting without the garish colors of the period.

Fri Oct 28, 09:01:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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