Monday, September 19, 2005


Kris Kalenov's tale continues in this second issue of Brett Lewis's standout miniseries.

Kalenov, a former soldier, spy, superhero, and current policeman and erstwhile wastrel has come to America and gone undercover among the brutal toughs in Little Odessa, aka Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Kalenov is nominally there as a result of a joint operation between the CIA and his bosses to track gangsters and to recover a girl allegedly kidnapped by organ transplant black marketeers. Going undercover is easy -- in a country as corrupt as Russia, a policeman doesn't even need to pretend to fall from grace in order to join under one of the 'roofs' of the red mafiya. Keeping ahead of conflicting interests that are intent on throwing him to the wolves at the first sign of trouble... that's a bit harder.


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