Monday, September 19, 2005

The Shrew Catches Up

Go AWOL for a fortnight and things happen in your absence.

Books that weren't nearly as bad as feared and have the Shrew worrying that she's mellowing in old age

Outsiders #28... Take away the part with Jade and this actually wasn't a bad issue. Yeah, surprised me, too. Judd Winick once again draws on the 'superhero men express their frustration through hot sex' trope (which I didn't think was a trope outside fanfic), but that really didn't bother me much. Or at all. Rex and Shift and then Grace and Anissa (marking the first time Miss Pierce didn't annoy the heck out of me) all worked. Roy, who was the focus of the last Aftereffects and Consequences issue, didn't have much to do this time, but I thought this was a pretty good Everyone Is Unstrung story.

Colossus: Bloodline #1... I'm still cranky at David Hine for the way District X crashed and burned after a fascinating start, so I was expecting this to be dreadful. And, because I'm a Colossus fangirl, I expected to get very upset because the reason District X nosedived is because Hine managed to populate it with characters displaying disgusting personalities and Piotr's got enough going on without character assassination. I can't say that I was riveted by this and Jorge Lucas's art does nothing for me -- certainly not after that panel where Emma Frost looked like a midget wrestler. But despite the feeling of tired inevitability that comes along with tying Piotr Rasputin in to the Rasputin, this could be an interesting psychodrama.

Books that give the Shrew hope for the future because she's got absolutely nothing nice to say about any of them:

All-Star Batman & Robin #2... I read this because I promised a friend I would. And this is two-for-two in me being accomodating in this fashion and then wishing I could scrub my brain with steel wool. I get that this is supposed to be stylized and odd and there's no such thing as Out Of Character in this Ultimatization of the DCU. But it's terrible even within this context, syncopated and off-kilter because of it. I don't care "which" Bruce this is; he needs medication and fast.

JSA #77... Blech. An issue about Airwave and Hal Jordan? Podperson Alan Scott guest-stars in the issue, too -- Geoff Johns feeling completist needs in terms of controlling Green Lanterns. And there's Donna Troy and some platitudes and the rest of the JSA sitting around mute except for Michael Holt, whom we only wish were mute. And the art was unpleasant, too.

Wonder Woman #220... All-around good guy Jonah gets sacrificed to the altar of Infinite Crisis, going from awesome perspective voice to fanatically dedicated minion and all-around bastard. Ugh. Apparently I have missed the part of the Max Lord storyline where everyone in the world (superhero or otherwise) knows that Diana killed Max and chooses to look at it without mitigating circumstances or context. Because the grapevine works so well, you know -- that's why the Teen Titans were up-to-date on Dr. Light the other month (not) and why everyone is aware of the mindwiping thing (also not). The scene with Batman just disappointed me, even considering Bruce in general and Rucka's take on the Diana-Bruce relationship in particular.

Nightwing #112... When mediums collide. The various incarnations of Toon Titans Robin are brought to the funnybook as Red X and Slade's Apprentice get absorbed into a Dick Grayson who is really too stupid to survive childhood, let alone a superhero career. Dick's railing at Deathstroke rang hollow, the scenes with Rose were achingly ridiculous, and the less said about anything involving either Sophia Tevis or Helena, the better. It's a good thing rumor has Dick reprising his Prodigal role post-Crisis II because, wow, Devin Grayson is burning everything Nightwing straight down to the ground and salting the earth for good measure, ain't she.

Books that remind the Shrew that not everything is as bad as anything pertaining to Infinite Crisis:

Ex Machina #14... geek love. Mayor Hundred gets proactive, Kremlin and Bradbury get in and out of trouble and bail out their old buddy, Commissioner Agnotti is saved from making a spectacle of herself, and did I mention the pure geekdom on display? Like the Tag arc, yet another subtle reminder that Mitchell Hundred is very much not dealing with the ambient weirdness that surrounds his powers. Hundred isn't alone in his abilities, but he does seem to be the only one who is still sane and still alive.

Captain America #9... I still see no real good reason to keep Sharon Carter around, but this was a fun issue if only because I get glee any time the UN looks shady and corrupt. Nick Fury hates being had and he got had good here. Michael Lark's NYC scenes gives me hope for his upcoming run on Daredevil and I'm starting to suspect the Who Is The Winter Soldier question is going to go on longer than the Who Killed Laura Palmer one.


Blogger Julio Oliveira said...

All Star Batman & Robin is liking being affected by all the biblical plagues of the Egypt at once.

Also, do you think Geoff Johns just lost interest on JSA? I mean, the book one really big exposition fairy, the only purpose they had in months is just commentary and explanation on events of the rest of DCU.

I know Johns in the end doesn't know a thing about writing team dynamics... that's why every other issue he introduced a new character to the JSA or someone left it. But nowadays is like he can't use this gimmick (since if you still need to introduce new heroes to your rooster every two issues in issue 75+, it only highlights how you team doesn't work) and he doesn't know what to do with them (well besides put them all around a table saying that they need new members like this issue).

Sometimes I even think if the "love of the DCU Golden Age/Silver Age and of continuity" is true or is just a gimmick he adopted from his mentor, the (in my opinion) much superior writer that was James Robinson.

Mon Sep 19, 12:38:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...but this was a fun issue if only because I get glee any time the UN looks shady and corrupt."

Thanks to this line (plus your lucid, concise writing), your blog just became my #1 go-to site for comic book reviews.

Bravo! Please keep 'em comin'

Wed Oct 19, 02:19:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Shamus said...

why does it make you happy when the UN looks shady? Just wondering.

Thu Jun 29, 12:00:00 AM EDT  

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