Monday, August 15, 2005


The Winter Men is part espionage thriller, part political drama, part noir detective story, and part cautionary tale of what happens when superheroes live past society's ability to dream. Kris Kalenov winds up investigating a murder-kidnapping that is messy enough on its own -- black market organ transplants, illegal adoptions, mercenary former special forces troops, the usual sorts of graft and extortion, and the possibility that the missing girl is a super-powered being -- before he gets dragged into a joint investigation with the CIA that will put him undercover. One of the two will end up goading him into action and out of the miserable equilibrium he has found between yearning for survival and self-loathing.

Best of the week, by far. I gave it an A+ for Buzzscope and, well, I'm not normally that generous... actually, I'm never that generous. Go pick this up.


Blogger Mo Soar said...

I loved this title - all nice and twisty and complicated, with plenty of stuff to sift through for clues. I was feeling cranky when I read it because I'd just finished a comic in which the main characters were TELLING me the plot as part of the dialog (thank you, Exposition Fairy!) and it was a joy to read something I actually had to work for.

Tue Aug 16, 01:04:00 PM EDT  

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