Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shrew Bites: DC

JSA CLASSIFIED #2.... Lamest excuse ever for why PG's rack is on display. I'm sorry, Geoff, but that bit of attempted retconning is going over about as well as blaming the Giant Yellow Locust of Fear for Hal Jordan's gray hair. Also, the original Sacrifice arc is going on for entirely too long; repeating it -- especially the decompressed parts that were Supes fighting against enemies only he could see that were really manifestations of his subconscious fears -- makes no sense as a choice to debut a new series. Power Girl and her backstory are padded enough and there's no need to pile on the tonnage. Amanda Conner's art is doing absolutely nothing for me.

OMAC PROJECT #5... Poor Sasha. Rucka's gone and turned a character (he created) who was strong, brave, intelligent, and truly human and not only made her all robot-ty, but also made her an ugly robot. Yes, yes, she had her 'am I man or am I machine' moment (if she survives Infinite Crisis, will we get her to star in DC's version of Mann & Machine?) and we could have seen this coming for a while, but... I dunno. I liked the idea of a human actor in this drama who wasn't as cynical and suspicious about powers as Max or Bruce. They killed off Ted, Ray is AWOL, and the rest are too far removed (except Ollie, but he's annoying).

The Million Machine March would be a cooler threat if we didn't know that there will have to be a deus ex machina ending to keep from vaporizing the planet in the next and final issue. My bet is on Sasha.

TEEN TITANS #27... I think Andersen Gabrych's Batgirl #65 was a far superior Father's Day themed issue. This story may have gone over better if there hadn't been Rob Liefeld art gumming up the works if the timing wasn't so off -- running a Father's Day story in August with an October date stamp on the cover smacks of randomness. The cry-for-attention plot and clunky dialogue felt a little hokey and Hallmark drama-ish and since when are Tim and Vic best buddies? Sure, Dick is off having his guts run through the ringer over in Nightwing, but Tim imprinted on him like a baby duck by the time Batman: Prodigal finished. Vic is a far more empathetic type than most people realize but this, too, felt out of left field.

And, sadly, my ability to keep reading the minute those awful Hawk and Dove creatures appear is still nil. The Parent Trap Twins make me cross-eyed every time they have a word bubble.

BATMAN: JECKYLL & HYDE #5... I don't think too much of the story, which isn't bad but is far too close to Batman Begins to be any sort of comfy, and Paul Jenkins mixes in some lovely turns of phrase with bits of dialogue that make me double-take (in a not-good way). But between Jae Lee's first half and Sean Phillips' second half, this is by far one of the most gorgeous Batman miniseries in recent memory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Lamest excuse ever for why PG's rack is on display."

I thought that was cute as hell, esp. with Amanda's great cartoon expressions.

Thu Sep 01, 06:19:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Julio Oliveira said...

Why they have to explain so much things? I mean "Why Green Lantern have gray hair?" "Why Power Girl uniform show her boobs?" "Why Lex Luthor is using a super-armor in a comic and a suit on another?"

Instead of all these complicated answers (well they didn't explained the Lex Luthor choice of clothes yet, but they promissed they will), I would answer:

1) Because being such a boring man he aged prematurely.
2) "If you got it, flaunt it".
3) Because super-armors are big and clumsy to be using in businness meeting.

Thu Sep 01, 04:45:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Marionette said...

I like the art on JSA Classified. Okay, Power Girl's cleavage is absurd, but otherwise it has a lot going for it. I particularly like that one shot of Supergirl in the background making a face. It's gives her more character and humanity in one small picture than everything previously done with her combined.

Sat Sep 03, 03:26:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why they have to explain so much things?"

I think this is because "they" are Geoff Johns, and Geoff Johns is clearly a giant neurotic freak who spends his free time jacking off to old copies of Who's Who In The DC Universe.

Sun Sep 11, 10:31:00 AM EDT  

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