Sunday, August 07, 2005


This is the issue where everyone lost their #%^#%$.

And it was fun.

Cos versus Brainy has been a treat to watch for the entire series, a rivalry just this side of open warfare that somehow managed to keep feelings from getting bruised -- goats, anyone? Both young men have their visions of the role of the Legion in the United Planets, with Brainy plotting toward world domination in the name of efficiency and Cos willing to play nicely with others, but up until now they have managed to co-exist by focusing on the overlap and pretending that Brainy wasn't being serious about the world domination thing.

That fragile truce broke last issue with Cos leading the Watergate-esque break-in while Brainy was on Colu and now the consequences are here... with a splatter range of at least a kilometer. By the end of this issue, the Legion is in shambles as Cos's faction (Star Boy, Saturn Girl, Colossal Boy, Lightning Lad) fights Brainy's (Karate Kid, Ultra Boy, Shadow Lass, Element Lad) and everyone is forced to take sides as Legion Headquarters crumbles around them. The fractured team is in no shape to deal with one last body blow -- Cos's home planet of Braal is pulling out of the UP -- and looks to be undermanned as Praetor Lemnos's scheme is revealed to be infesting the Science Police, too. Has Brainy won by default? Stay tuned for the next issue.

Waid continued with the nice touches of fan service -- Element Lad's distaste of pirates, for instance -- but there were a few too many moments of telling-and-not-showing, especially in Cos's rant. Since when has Sun Boy been the field leader? Has Cham ever been shown as bitter, poisonously or otherwise? We haven't seen enough of Jan to paint him as pseudointellectual, either, although I'm willing to grant Waid leeway there. And, truth be told, we have no real evidence that Brainy was planning anything secretive-- I mean, sure, the odds that he wasn't are miniscule, but we've really not seen anything to justify Cos's suspicions finally getting the better of him. Was any of this enough to seriously dull my enjoyment of the issue? No. But Waid has set the bar so very high...

Finally, because Waid is cheerfully using wanton destruction to keep us distracted, what's up with Princess Projectra? Are we headed for a Sensor Girl storyline?


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