Monday, July 18, 2005


While Smoke reads like a fast-paced thriller that could sell millions as a blockbuster movie, the parts that I seem to enjoy best are the ones that would keep it from ever being made into a film -- at least by the sensitive souls in Hollywood.

There are plenty of traditionally perfidious elements: government assassin Morrison's involvement with Jennie Bland, the blonde bombshell reporter; the scheme with OPEC to insider trade; the overlapping circles of "quiet men" and their betrayers. Smoke is a spies-and-soldiers action drama with crooked politicians and ruthless manipulators and regretted loves and a very black sense of humor.


Blogger zilla said...

i sure hope the make a trade out of these 3 big books. i haven't picked up 1 or 2 yet and def hope i can get them all together...

Mon Jul 18, 08:10:00 PM EDT  

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