Saturday, July 09, 2005


The only reason I'm still looking at this is because of Simone Bianchi's gorgeous art. Sadly, I've pretty much lost all interest in the story (as I have with the Seven Soldiers project as a whole) and skimmed the words, skipping the too-long expository parts entirely. There's absolutely nothing original going on here plotwise -- our time-tossed hero is doing his best Kyle Reese imitation, the suspiciously helpful consultant turns out to be suspicious for a good reason, and the Sheeda move forth -- so I didn't miss an awful lot. Morrison even killed off (or as good as) his most vibrant character.

There is enough potential plot and imagery on display to make me sort of wish that someone else with an interest in exploring the depths will take up the challenge of rebooting Sir Justin in the post-Crisis II era with some of the same elements. The differences between where Justin was and where he is are greater than technology or geography and far more complicated than Morrison wants to get into. He hints at so much and then doesn't go anywhere with them; if it were anyone else, I'd say he was distracted by the scope of the Seven Soldiers project, but it is Morrison, so, well, I should have known better.

Bianchi's art, however, is absolutely worth the cost of admission.


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