Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I wasn't sure whether or not to avoid this or not -- I want my Serenity viewing to be pristine. On the other hand, sometimes the prequel books do help out the story when there's too much exposition. The Nightcrawler mini attached to X-Men 2 was great in terms of adding necessary backstory, for instance.

As expected, this could have been the first part of a new episode of Firefly and for that, it was a ton of fun. The crew is just where we left them and, with Joss Whedon's hand in the story, everyone sounds just as they should. The blue-gloved guys are there, too, with that freaky antenna thing that makes people's eyes bleed.

The format change doesn't hurt very much. If you're familiar with the television show, then you can probably clearly hear the actors' voices and nothing sounds false. Even if you can't, the pacing and lettering are such that Jayne still mutters under his breath and Simon is still a beat behind when it comes to anything involving Kaylee. The Chinese is rendered, too, but the words lose a little bit -- in the show, the spoken Chinese was as important for its intonation as what the words meant and so even when nobody knew what was being said, it was easy enough to guess the gist. Here they are just characters -- more accurate than the actors' occasionally butchered pronunciation, to be sure, and we can still guess the context but...

In terms of the three covers, I liked the Brian Hitch (Jayne) on the best, I think, followed by John Cassaday's (Mal). JG Jones' cover seemed to capture the youth of actress Morena Baccarin more than her sensuality and the result is a sort of unripe beauty.


Blogger Mo Soar said...

I've asked around the 'net a bit and rumor has it that the comics issues are not spoilerific for the movie - hence our movie virginity is still intact. For whatever reason, I don't mind spoilers for 22 page comics, but movies or 400 page books, I DO mind.

I thought this issue was... good. Not as good as an episode and not as good as a really good comic, but solidly in the "yeah, I'll keep buying this" range.

Sat Jul 23, 11:50:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Vaklam said...

I agree that it felt like an episode. The rhythm of the dialogue was spot on.

The only thing that didn't feel like the show to me was the weird knife-weilding guy. I thought he was cool, just not quite "of the show".

I got the Cassaday cover and I agree with your rankings. The Hitch one was very nice.

Sun Jul 24, 12:07:00 AM EDT  

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