Monday, July 25, 2005


I probably shouldn't be reviewing this book. I don't care enough to give it a full insectivore shredding. I have nothing kind to say except that it's really nice to know that Pieter Cross gets plenty of mousy treats for Hooty. Hooty, by the way, seems to have an eye for Power Girl's hooters. Geoff Johns definitely does, which seems to have been the driving force of this book. And what Johns wants, he gets these days. As Mel Brooks said in a very relevant context, "It's good to be the king."

There was absolutely nothing of substance in this issue except for the aforementioned mammaries, which were intentionally played up in Amanda Conner's art (because too much of a good thing is not enough? Because Wizard magazine will give the book better coverage? Because this way the readers can be led along by following the bouncing...). It was mostly a rehash of old scenes from other books, except sexed up -- I don't remember Dr. Mid-Nite having quite such a problem with PG undressing that he broke into a sweat during a professional exam back when it was originally written for JSA. Other than that, nothing.

Back when this book was solicited, I was one of many who griped that you shouldn't be introducing continuity points in ancillary series -- if you're going to get around to doing PG's backstory, it should be in JSA itself. So far, however, all we've gotten around to is that PG has many backstories and none of them are true. (Scipio has got a working theory that I'm happy to subscribe to, so I'll just point you there.)

I've never been a PG fan -- it's more apathy than active dislike -- so not even the promised soap opera theatrics involving the Legion will get me to pick up the next issue of this.


Blogger Julia said...

I completely agree. If the answer to her past is so important, why is it being shuffled off to the second book? I tried to like it, but Amanda Conner's artwork and the focus on PG's rack turned me completely off. As a full figured woman with that issue, it isn't remotely funny to me.

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