Tuesday, July 19, 2005

JLA #116

I suppose Geoff Johns was the perfect writer for this issue -- not because he's the Continuity Cop, but because who else better to write a story where the JLA looks like idiots?

Selina's appearance was pleasant, if extremely random, but I think I lost the ability to like this issue right around the time Wally starts making saucy banter with Star Sapphire. The dialogue during the fight with the bad guys hurt in general, which I didn't expect with Heinberg on board, but the scene in the Batcave had its moments. Sorta. Zatanna's apology, really, because ultimately Batman is accusing the rest of the JLA of making just the sort of decision he would make and reacting to him just the way he would react and I was rooting for Hawkman once I realized this. (Actually, before this because I'm a Hawkman kinda shrew.)

Batman wanted the JLA to not have made the strategic choice (i.e., to erase his memory so that he wouldn't undo the lobotomizing of Dr. Light and the Secret Society), to instead consider his feelings (i.e., mindwiping villains is unethical because it destroys free will)... which is precisely what everyone always gripes to him. Bruce has plenty of genuine causes to be pissed and I think others have addressed it better than was done here, which is... not surprising.

The JLA in general lived up to their expectations under Johns, completely unable to draw lines between consequence and event unless Batman drew it in crayon first -- ohmigosh, if they know Bruce's secret identity, maybe they know ours, too! The panicky flight from the Batcave? They gave the realization panel to Wally because precisely who was everyone else running off to save? Hal's the only other one with immediate family who don't own kevlar-lined spandex.

And oh, hey, look. Despero. Woo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd hate to see what you thought of Gotham Knights 67....makes mind erasing look practically ethical


Wed Jul 20, 10:02:00 PM EDT  

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