Monday, July 11, 2005


Ed Brubaker's swan song with DC begins with this arc, a "red ball" (i.e., both shifts called in and everyone working on the case) co-written with Greg Rucka and featuring a devilish plot allegedly contrived during an interview. Despite the random provenance and status as a high profile case that in lesser hands would feel like a blatant sell-out to appeal to a broader audience, this is a story well-grounded in the Gotham Central world -- old enmities, relationships, and references abound.

The case is trouble from the get-go: a teenaged boy, dressed in Robin's outfit and armed with some of his toys and a batarang nearby, is found dead in an alleyway. The questions are endless. Is it really Robin? And how do they know? Is Batman a suspect? The boy died as a result of a fall from a rooftop, but was he pushed or did he jump or did he just fall as he tried to skim across to the next roof? Does discovering the true identity of Robin lead to Batman's identity -- and do they really want to know who is under Batman's cowl? Every answer leads to more questions and every question is colored by the person asking it.


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