Saturday, July 23, 2005


This was quite a bit more fun than it should have been. Especially with the heavy hints of a deus ex machina ending in next issue's season finale. Piotr renders a rambling Kitty speechless, Xavier turns the tables, and Logan gets some good lines and is well-used because he's barely used. And, oh, yeah, we're set up for one heckuva throwdown.

I wasn't a big fan of secondary mutations when they cropped up -- I still think Emma's was the only interesting/useful one and that because nobody at Marvel ever seems to know how to render telepaths uniquely -- and this latest twist on it, whatever Xavier turns out to be... Before the fact, it feels a little tired. Xavier has been hiding stuff from his proteges and students since the start -- not to mention faking his own death -- and so if Charlie turns out to be another Omega-level mutant (like Cable and Nate Grey and Magneto, etc.) or, heaven forfend, some demigodling-esque creature... to use Whedon against himself: Bored now.

The Xavier stuff took up most of the issue, but thankfully didn't feel too draggy. In part because it moved quickly and kept away from speechifying -- Xavier's stunt with the trailer cab didn't hurt, either -- and in part because the rest of the issue was crackling. Logan was in high dudgeon and Emma wasn't playing nanny and Scott was obviously in control.

The three pages between Piotr and Kitty were worth everything else in the issue put together; Whedon has earned mucho brownie points for updating them as people (instead of just as hero-types) so we're not repeating old conversations. This Colossus fangirl has yet to regret a panel of his return (okay, so "I am made of RAGE!!" didn't exactly make me swoon, but he'd been talking to himself for a few years and I forgave him), as opposed to my prompt denial of the return of Havok by the time Chuck Austen got through with him.

The end of the first season comes with the next issue, which should be jam-packed with the throwdown with the mutated Sentinel and Miss Danger Room (which I suspect will be a much briefer fight than it looks), the big reveal of what exactly Xavier "is", and some decent interpersonal interaction.

The second season is scheduled down the 'pike -- I've lost track of what the time differential is between when Marvel solicits an issue as appearing and when it actually appears -- and we'll have to sit through some miniseries first.


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