Monday, June 20, 2005


Mark Andreyko continues to produce the most compelling female-driven comic book at DC. The question is whether enough people will realize this before the title gets canceled. Manhunter's sales numbers are on par with most Vertigo titles, but it does not have the advantage of either speedy collection in trade paperback format -- the TPB collecting the first six issues won't be out until the fall -- or the cushion of being on an imprint with more modest sales expectations.

Unlike the recently canceled Fallen Angel, Manhunter is a definite part of the DCU, both as a legacy title and as a reflection of current events. DA Kate Spencer, the titular Manhunter, was featured in an Identity Crisis tie-in -- the trial of the Shadow Thief for the death of Ronnie Raymond -- and is presently fending off the bad press resulting from the mistrial. Kate is also an unknowing target of a killer with a very narrow victim profile: Manhunters past and present.

postscript: Manhunter information, for those interested (not necessary for the storyline)


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