Monday, June 27, 2005


Mark Waid warned us that things wouldn't be quite what we're used to. It's our fault for not taking him at his word, all the more so because this version of the Legion of Superheroes has been all about sleight of hand and Waid has proven exceptionally deft at this shell game.

This issue has Waid running a few tricks at once. First there is the one involving the official story arc and its straightforward plot-progress, Terra Firma's terrorism, and it is the one that ends up mattering the least. Second, there is Brainiac 5 on Colu, which has no real relevance to the plot at all but carries the most charge. And finally there is the set of delicate fractures within the Legion itself, which in Waid fashion has been a quiet undercurrent all along but is now rearing its ugly head.

It's all about the bait-and-switch: we came to see if Colu could escape Orando's fate and left wondering if the Legion itself would survive. Waid has been at this all along -- come to see the teen heroes of the future and wind up with something far richer and more complex than anything Teen Titans could come up with. Take a look at the covers of this issue and the debut -- Brainiac 5 and Cos are in identical poses, each on the book that the other is a lead character in. Bait and switch.

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