Saturday, June 25, 2005


Last issue, I griped long and hard about how Palmiotti & Gray couldn't expect us to believe Kendra was dead because they'd just spent all that time extolling the restorative virtues of Nth metal. Which she was wearing. Which Carter was also wearing at the time he got mauled by the manhawks this issue. And so I'm not taking any bets as to what's in that coffin everyone is pouting over, although I may be willing to wager a bit of pocket fluff on whether Katar shows up for a bit. Especially with Shayera back on the radar.

Sadly, the solicits tell us Charley Parker's getting to be Hawkman for at least an issue, a stint that will hopefully have a duration somewhere between Parker's tenure with the Teen Titans and Stephanie Brown's run as Robin. As for the news that Charley is Carter's son... blech. Even if it's true. For a couple who had childlessness as part of a curse -- remember once upon a time that Hector was a blessing (yes, yes, impossible to believe, but true) -- the Hawks now have progeny popping up all over. Kendra's got her daughter and now Charley's also claiming lineage. It's like the Summers family, but without the mad geneticist living in the basement.

Before and after the tortured revelatory exposition, Carter getting to lop off heads and growl a bit was some fun. I think I may still be on record as suspecting young Master Parker of being the money behind Fadeaway Man's team-building, but with the swirling black hole that is Infinite Crisis sucking everyone in with its unopposable gravity, I suppose we have to take a look Secret Society-ward. Either way, I'm not all overjoyed that all the villains in the DCU are getting unionized. (Grant Morrison's first move will be to reinvent Geomancer as Jimmy Hoffa.)


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