Monday, June 20, 2005


This was fun.

I'm still highly skeptical about the whole Pete Ross as Ruin thing, but at least Greg Rucka is keeping things off-kilter by leaving it open as to whether Ross is really in control... and whether that ultimately matters. Ross has knowledge and, whether as master or servant, he has the power to do Clark Kent serious damage and is thus a genuine threat. Finding genuine threats for Superman is not nearly as easy as it looks.

In the immediate wake of Pete's beat-down at the hands of Lupe Leocadio, Clark keeps a straight face as his concern changes from disbelief to caution as he realizes that Pete knows what he's wearing under his suit. Clark has to weigh what he knows about his childhood friend versus what he has seen from Ruin; he has been a hero for too long to be swayed by protestations of innocence or to dismiss out-of-hand claims of possession, but this is Pete Ross, one of a small handful of people Clark is not used to having to consider completely objectively.

All of this is an internal struggle, which was balanced out by the throwdown with the Allston twins and the appearance of the OMAC units, which do appear conveniently. I'm not quite sure how those work -- are they unknowing sleeper agents who have been activated or are they Matrix-like Agents, innocents suddenly turned into killing machines? Either way, presumably this means that Max Lord is watching. The question is whether watching is all he's doing.

In the B-subplot, Lois seeks advice from Batman on how to track down her sniper. This is the subplot for now, but knowing Rucka, it will rear its head at a crucial juncture. Lois wasn't shot by accident and there have been far too many coincidences in the Lane-Kent sphere of late.


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