Monday, May 23, 2005


The problem with crossovers is that the story rarely matches up with the time and space in which it's supposed to be told. If there's too much story, you end up with an abrupt ending so that each title can go back to its own microverse. If there's not enough story, you get stretches of painfully decompressed storytelling.

The first part of The Insiders falls into the latter category. It's six pages of story spread over twenty-two pages of funnybook. What saves the issue is that the six pages of story are largely worth it.

Ever since Geoff Johns warmed the cockles of a certain segment of the Smallville-watching population by revealing that Superboy's genetic template is comprised of equal parts Superman and Lex Luthor, we've known that this storyline was coming. Nature versus nurture isn't as simple when you're a former lab experiment.


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