Thursday, May 12, 2005


... And here's where the fact that I'm not a huge Superman fan comes into play. There wasn't anything really fatally or frustratingly wrong with this issue apart from a TKO by the Exposition Fairy regarding PtIC, but I found myself unable to read it very closely. I have a fairly long-standing lack of interest in anything to do with the Marvel Family, so a knock-down, drag-out fight between Supes and Captain Marvel really wasn't going to do much for me. Nor, under the circumstances -- that it came out after Day of Vengeance #1 -- should it do much for anyone else. We know the two caped boy scouts can't really hurt each other and we know Eclipso isn't going to stay in Superman very long or jump to Billy Batson -- because we already know Jean Loring is the next Eclipso. So this was a lot of airborne infodumping (look out below!) and a cameo by Shazam and the Spectre, who has been fantastically petty and cranky since losing Hal Jordan.

One bit of exposition that I did like was the Spectre saying that he doesn't have any long-term memory without a host, although I'm not sure it follows that the Spectre will remember that Shazam interrupted him but will forget that it was for a good reason. If you've seen Memento, you know that there's a lot of potential in a character who can't remember who his allies and enemies are. I'm still hoping they make the Spectre go away, but if they keep him around, that aspect could be fun...


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