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I've spent the past few days trying to come up with something constructive and useful to say, but it ain't coming. This was a kicker of an issue, re-orienting the picture so many times in twenty-two pages that a reader could get vertigo. Everyone's on top of the heap for a page or two, but the falls from that height are long and hard and bloody and, unsurprisingly, Tao gets the last laugh. Literally.

The interrogation session with Tao was brilliant -- Holden's embittered conflation of optimism and desperation is perfectly sensible all considering, but Tao doesn't buy it and with good reason, albeit the wrong reason. As frustrated as Holden is by being the rope in the Tao-Lynch tug-of-war, he hasn't quite hit the point of no return. I've said before that Holden Carver is a peculiar kind of Pandora's Box -- all he's got left is hope. But what sort of hope can he possibly expect to have once all of this shakes out? We know Lynch is screwing with Holden about a cure, but considering that we didn't know that Holden was working with Lynch, does that knowledge matter? And how does the fact that the first two bodies to fall are Veronica's and Gretchen's change things? Does a Pyrrhic victory still count as a win?

One more issue to go and countless more double-/triple-/quadruple-crosses left.

I repeat this part every month:
(1) Sleeper is the biggest reason I regret Ed Brubaker's exclusive contract with Marvel (Gotham Central getting honorable mention)
(2) Read the damned series:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It makes me want to kick people in my LCS when they reach PAST Sleeper for something else.

I thought that Holden really had a plan going, right up until the scene with Miss M on the roof, when I realized he was still winging it.

Tue May 03, 02:42:00 PM EDT  

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