Monday, May 30, 2005


If it weren't for one niggling detail, I'd probably have burbled happily and without complaint at this issue. As it is, Greg Rucka will just have to settle for the happy burbling. OMAC Project #2 works not only as an explanation and exploration of the story begun in Countdown to Infinite Crisis, but also as a logical consequence of Identity Crisis, which is far more rare and appreciated.

Back when IdC came out, readers were probably more up in arms over the mind wiping of Batman than the murders of Sue Dibny and Jack Drake. Sure, you can knock off a few secondary characters and lobotomize a bad guy, but screw with Batman's memories? How could the JLA do it and how could Batman not know about it? Or if he did know about it, how could he let the League continue in the face of such a breach of hero ethics? It was the retcon that didn't convince, far more so than the rape of Sue or anything else that came out of that story.

In this issue, however, Rucka gives Brad Meltzer's story a helping hand by building directly upon that weak link and thereby making it solid. He explains that Batman did know about the mental tampering and he did respond. The world still needed the JLA, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to let them slide on their reprehensible actions. The JLA had proven itself incapable of acting without supervision, so Batman himself would provide it. This is how to make a retcon work: Batman been the epitome of paranoia and arrogance as well as eerily omniscient the last several years (as a writerly convention, usually a sign of laziness on the scribe's part) and now we know why. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Brother I.


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Jon Michael Carter knows that there won't be any reckoning and he knows that Batman's selfish role in Ted Kord's death won't be criticized or censured. He knows this because Bruce Wayne simply counts more than Ted Kord does; an offended Bat ranks higher than a dead Beetle. Booster's frustration and anguish are palpable -- Batman, who doesn't trust anyone in the JLA and has just confessed to making himself final arbiter of justice, will be protected by Superman and Wonder Woman and the others even though they know he's wrong. And Ted's death, seemingly avoidable and without purpose, will go unavenged because who the hell cares if Booster Gold is upset?

YES. That's it exactly. That part of OMAC #2 was great, and I loved Rucka for putting it in. It makes me so angry whenever there's a whole "my blood is worth more than yours" thing in a story. I'm glad someone actually said what I was thinking, and that Booster was the one to say it.

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