Sunday, May 15, 2005


Hal Jordan's worthiness to step right back in to his old role should not a foregone conclusion. His goodness and heroism is not axiomatic, not after all that he's done, possession or no possession. And Geoff Johns's decision to make Hal's return to virtue a matter of faith -- like transubstantiation, either you believe it or you don't and doubters aren't welcome -- is either poor storytelling or a conscious decision to exclude certain GL fans from the flock. Or both.

Ultimately my greatest problem with Rebirth is that demand of faith, without which the story is far less of a story. It was written by a Hal Jordan fan for Hal Jordan fans and the rest of the reading population is just ancillary because Restored-Hal is not given any useful character development to convince the doubters. Either you remember what Hal used to be like or you hope that Johns will elaborate on Hal's personality once the ongoing series begins because here, within these six issues, we get nothing but a cocky sense of humor and some old jokes. He simply is.

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Hmmm... I like this way of doing things, using a teaser from the review, instead of simply linking over to Buzzscope with a list of what I reviewed that week. Consider your style bitten!

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