Friday, April 15, 2005

The Shrew Speaks!

...Fanboy Rampage found it, but it's absolutely worth passing on: Ted Kord's last email (as discovered by Neil Kleid). Blue Beetle saw the writing on the wall and took action, albeit too late -- he cold-called Joe Quesada for a job.
So, I got on the horn with Ollie Queen and we got to talking. He put me in touch with Kevin Smith and Kev suggested I shoot you an email.

What I'm wondering, Joe, is whether or not you can find me work at Marvel.

Before you say anything, I know you've already got a bug guy and I'm not looking to muscle in on anyone's turf. I saw those movies and mad props to all y'all. Those were quality flicks. But who says lightning can't strike twice? Who's to say in the hands of the right writer that the old Ditko magic can't give Marvel another success?

All I'm asking for is a chance to do something different. I've had it with everything being so serious at 1700 Broadway. It's IDENTITY CRISIS this and IDENTITY CRISIS that. IDENTITY CRISIS ALL STARS and IDENTITY CRISIS ADVENTURES- enough! Just because OZ milked rape for six seasons doesn't mean we've got to stop telling stories about giant robotic Nazis.
Go read the rest.

... I'm extraordinarily pleased that Blacksad 2: Arctic Nation got nominated for several Eisners (Best Graphic Album-New, Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material, and Best Painter (Juanjo Guarnido)). I picked up both Blacksad books last year at New York is Book Country and was very, very impressed. Guarnido's art is stunning and sly, all the more so because he's dealing purely with anthropomorphic animals and, as a rule, I don't care much for talking animal books. The translation of the first book's a bit spotty in places, but Juan Diaz Canales has a couple of great noir stories on his paws. [ Book One | Book Two: Arctic Nation | Book Three ]

... Whither the reviews? The Shrew has a daunting backlog and sometimes it's a challenge to find something interesting or relevant to say. Which occasionally doesn't stop me, but sometimes the filter kicks in. So yes, Batgirl and Y - The Last Man have been read, among other books, but coherent thought is lagging behind. And next weekend is the start of Passover, which is an involved process.

A comment about comments, while we're here. For those of you who are following me over from the prior incarnation, the comments work a bit differently here. First, you don't have to have a Blogger account to leave a name. Choose the "Other" option because "Anonymous" comments can get confusing. Pick a codename if you'd like, but please do leave some identifier and be consistent with it. Second, there is no automatic email notification (except to me) here and no replying directly to specific comments, so I'm responding less because I don't know if the commenter (usually an Anonymous) is coming back to check. I'm not trying to be haughty or stand-offish -- I'm just wondering if I'm replying into a vacuum.


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