Saturday, April 09, 2005


OCEAN #5... Nathan Kane and crew versus Windows Doors and our ancestors. This is a high-quality Ellis-as-paranoid sci-fi thriller. Evil corporations, the worst part of human nature coming back to haunt, the threat of unimaginable horror looming close, wormholes, avarice, wiseass dialogue... all set up against Jupiter's moons. Derivative in the right ways and a lot of fun. Concluding next issue.

JUSTICE LEAGUE CLASSIFIED #5.... Best Guy Gardner in years. On the one hand, this is a terribly hard miniseries to read in light of Identity Crisis and now Countdown to Infinite Crisis. On the other... if you can forget about the main DCU, you'll laugh yourself sick. The SuperBuddies may have thought that they were in Hell by working together next to Guy Gardner's new bar, but Booster Gold takes things a little too literally when he futzes around where he shouldn't at the JSA headquarters. Special cameo appearance by Power Girl's cleavage.

THE PULSE #8... Whoever was holding Brian Bendis hostage so that he could turn out the piles of mediocre-at-best storylines over at Avengers Mansion has obviously let him free. Because this issue was nothing less than a reminder of how brilliant Alias was and why it is so very missed. The Pulse was supposed to be like this all along, but it wasn't -- it was the Ultimate Spidey Cliff Notes version of Secret War. But now we've got Jessica making crude suggestions for suppository alternatives, SHIELD coming apart at the seams, Ben Urich and JJ Jameson working together to actually report news, and Hydra making a supremely logical (if still nonsensical) pitch for legitimacy.

This is the Bendis we fell in love with -- fast-paced, potty-mouthed, and an eye for all the different ways people and organizations can screw with each other and how the lines between doing the right thing and not doing the right thing aren't always so very clear. Here's hoping for more of the same.

THE QUESTION #5... I've been saving this one. I adore this series -- the lovely Tommy Lee Edwards art, Rick Veitch's story and the Question's lyricism as he does his shaman thing. It's not for everyone, but I'm enjoying it immensely. This story ties into regular Superman events -- Lex Luthor's Science Spire -- and its purpose, which is to kill Superman. Lois is wonderfully rendered here -- flawed and intelligent and human and a skeptic and a dreamer all at once. Superman is no goody two-shoes, but a hard-working man doing his best and fooled not because he's gullible, but because he's genuine. And Vic himself, who wanders between his two worlds without regard or care, seeing everything but not always able to do anything. Beautiful.

SECRET WAR #4... One long messy fight, establishing what we already know -- Nick Fury got a lot of people in a lot of poop. It's a kind of neat way that the 'chickens coming home to roost' scheme played out, though -- the battle suits as bomb components. But there wasn't enough else going on. I'm enjoying Gabriele Dell'otto's art as much as anyone is, but this was all fight scene and nothing more. Very pretty padding, but padding none the less.


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