Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Better late than never here... Finally got around to reading the second issue of Ovi Nedelcu's title featuring talking pig Clyde and ne'er do well erstwhile detective Boston Booth and I'm still enjoying.

Talking-animal stories are usually love-'em-or-hate'em and I tend to be suspicious of them. This isn't quite one of those, though, as it's got a rational reason for why Clyde, Taxx, and the others have a voice -- the miracles of microchips. Not as detail-oriented as, say, We3 in the how and the why, but it's not the sort of story where that level of detail matters. Pig Tale is about the what more than the why.

Clyde, the most successful prototype of the now-deceased scientist who created him, knows that he is both resented by and useful to the scheming wolf Taxx, whom Boston encountered at the destroyed laboratory. Rightfully fearing for his life, Clyde is one scared little piggy. He understands why he can talk, but has no comprehension of what was done to him before the chip was implanted and must rely on Boston to help him. If Boston is not the most confidence-inspiring of protectors, he is at least earnest. Which is good because Taxx now has the entire lab population working for him toward his plan to take over the city. There's an Animal Farm quality to the story, to say the least.

Nedelcu's art reminds me of the old cartoons, back before Bugs Bunny got tall and thin -- and I mean that in a good way. There are a couple of panels where he zooms in too far to clearly see the motion he's trying to depict, but it's cheerful and pleasant and richly toned for a black-and-white book.

http://pigtalecomic.com/index.html. Go to previews to take a peek.


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