Sunday, March 20, 2005


Well, this issue felt like filler.

In the first Ultimates series, it was okay to spend entire issues on intrateam interaction because the players were unknown quantities and the team was still learning about each other. The Ultimates were dysfunctional professionally and personally and it was entertaining -- plus, the issues were so delayed, we needed the refreshers. This go-round, even with Hank Pym out and former Covert Ops agents Hawkeye and Black Widow in, there's less of an excuse for the unyielding focus. These folks, as presented by Mark Millar, are simply not that interesting that we can spend an issue with them at the expense of any plot advancement.

This issue covered very little new ground. We met Captain Britain last issue and the whole Captain EU business was extended to no real end unless the others become something other than cannon fodder; the briefing by Gunnar Golmen could have been done anywhere. The rest of the issue was rehashing: Tony loves Tasha. Clint loves his family. Millar thinks Captain America is an old creaky fart in a young man's body. Jarvis thinks he's cleverer than he is. Janet is self-absorbed. Hank has gone rogue. Thor is being played by Loki... or he isn't. And Millar is against the war in Iraq. All of this put together didn't merit two dozen pages.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My problem is that pretty much everybody comes off as a bunch of jerks. Only Thor and Stark are interesting enough to care what happens to them next.

Sun Apr 10, 06:13:00 PM EDT  

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