Tuesday, March 22, 2005


VIMANARAMA #2... I'm enjoying this despite the very strong sense that Grant Morrison is standing off to the side, one finger in his nose up to the knuckle, and giggling like a loon. This has as much to do with eternal spiritual combat as Shawn of the Dead had to do with zombies -- sure, the end of the world is nigh, but that's not really the point. It's actually a romantic comedy... romantic absurdity, perhaps. I bounced off We3 when everyone else loved it, but this is surprisingly good fun.

HUMAN RACE #1... After I had to translate some Yiddish for a friend, I picked this up to flip through despite my reluctance to touch anything by Ben Raab after one too many bad experiences. (No, I haven't forgiven him for Green Lantern yet.) I got a few pages in, couldn't decide whether I was more disgusted by the stupidity of the dialogue or the caricaturizations, and put it back. Also? Between last week's JLA and a recent re-reading of both Powers: Supergroup and some issues of Darkness, I'm really full up on guts and organs on the outside. Ewww.

LIONS TIGERS & BEARS #2... On the one hand, it stays on the right side of the line between cute and sticky-sweet. On the other... I keep feeling like this is trying to do what successful animated movies like Shrek and The Incredibles do and appeal to both children and adults on different levels, but not actually succeeding and instead falling into the chasm between the audiences. Joey is a real-live boy in that he's scared in a strange situation and generally rather annoying and the 'adults' are acting accordingly to soothe him in terms he can understand, but there's something unpleasant about the way he's being manipulated into this great adventure. He is being used and put into danger by adults who know what they're doing and while yeah, it will all turn out in the end... *shrugs*

DR. BLINK, SUPERHERO SHRINK #1... I've tended to stay away from the Dork Storm books because I'm not a gamer or part of any demographic those books are geared toward, but this was insisted upon and it was worth it. Very good -- but not great -- parody of superhero teams of various ilks and their members. You'll recognize everyone and laugh out loud at some of the send-ups, but it stops short of sheer brilliance because the vehicle for this mockery is nothing special. It's a sitcom with great jokes, but an average premise and, as such, can only go so far before running out of gas.


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