Sunday, March 27, 2005


To fully enjoy this issue, you sort of have to swallow and accept that some people really are that naive and well-intentioned. Our support-group leaders Mickey and Phil are either fantastically gullible or working for the bad guys as they quickly decide to change their mission and put on their costumes to track down the Runaways. Their advisees ask all the right questions and raise all the right objections, but are curiously satisfied by inadequate answers. Once you get past that little bit of plot maneuvering, however, this was plenty fun.

Gert's reaction to seeing her future self -- and seeing her future self die -- is denial, a more genuine reaction for a teenager (or anyone else, really) than a re-centering and charge into action. These are brave kids, but still kids. The others are a welcome combination of precocious and unfinished -- Nico confessing to using one of her most powerful spells to aid their traitorous teammate, Chase's protectiveness, the chicken-and-egg epistemological discussion of Victorious, the bleachers chat between Victor and Jorge (including the hysterical bit of meta about Hawkeye fans). It's not hard to root for this gang against Mickey and her crew of dupes.

Jo Chen's cover is gorgeous and a tease -- are one of those villains Victor's absent father? And since colorists often get short shrift, Christina Strain's work on Adrian Alphona's pencils (and Craig Yeung's inks) is fantastic.


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