Saturday, March 12, 2005


I have absolutely nothing even remotely positive to say here. Nothing. At. All.

For all of you folks who are grooving to the There Was No Such Thing As Life Before Chuck Dixon beat, go have fun and enjoy yourselves and marvel at how Dixon manages to work in unsubtle reminders of every Dick Grayson story he ever wrote.

For those of you who remember that Barbara Gordon wasn't Dick Grayson's First Love or his Only Best Friend and that, once upon a time, Dick aspired to exist outside the Shadow of the Bat, I'll post a link to last issue's griping and join you in the bitter snarking. This is a despicable Batman, a truly wretched Jason Todd (who wasn't likeable enough the first time to save his own skin), a cold and unpleasant Babs, a pathetic Dick, and an Alfred who is saving up material for Amateur Night at the comedy club instead of standing up as the voice of reason.

I'm officially looking forward to the relief offered by Devin 'I raped Nightwing' Grayson's return -- and anyone who remembers my vicious and lengthy diatribes on that storyline can perhaps gauge my disgust with this retcon.

And, since we're on the topic of books too awful to read, the Shrew has finally given up the ghost on Green Arrow. Tom Fowler's art has proven to be the straw that broke this Shrew's back.


Blogger Myron said...

Amen, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that the Dick Grayson from The New Teen Titans has been spat upon since the Bat Office took over the character. Dick gained Bruce's respect during the Outsiders/NTT crossover before he became Nightwing. In fact, it was important for him to gain Bruce's respect before he decided to stop being Robin. Bruce and Dick resolved their differences and Bruce even told Dick he was proud of him at Donna's wedding. Dick found his niche as a better leader and strategist than Bruce.

However, it seems that since Dick received his own series he's been portrayed as a whinny brat who runs home to daddy when something goes remotely wrong. A lot of people complain about Devin Grayson's portrayal of Nightwing but I find her portrayal to be consistent with Dixon's portrayal. She's just writing the character she inherited, an inept, slow thinking, easily outclassed by those with less experience who whines about how Batman every chance he gets. Grayson just took Dixon's Nightwing to his logical conclusion.

I'm still waiting for a title featuring the Nightwing I fell in love with when I was nine years old when I picked up New Teen Titans # 43. That Nightwing hasn't appeared in a DC Comic in over ten years.

As for the treatment of Kory, don't get me started.


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