Sunday, March 13, 2005


You know, this is perhaps the first time I'm saying this in the entire history of the title, but... this issue had a poor plot advancement to page number ratio. Which isn't to say that I didn't enjoy it. Just that it was... a little slow.

Most of this issue was a recap in some way or another. We had the transformed Officer Kelly and his condition, plus the GCPD reacting (badly) to it. We had Rene Montoya struggling with her continued estrangement from her family in the wake of her outing as a lesbian in Half a Life. We had Batman in his post-War Games role as creepy and cold fugitive. And then we had the Everything You Need to Know about Keystone If You Haven't Been Reading The Flash lesson.

And what did we get out of all this reiteration? That Rene is about to do something Very Stupid.

Now this isn't as inefficient as it looks; true to form, Greg Rucka is wonderfully subtle as he shows Rene almost bidding farewell to all of the good things in her life -- her lover Daria, her partner Cris Allen, her family, her job. Where the lagging comes is in the time wasted familiarizing readers with Keystone and its world -- there wasn't a whole lot going on that wasn't Montoya's path to self-destruction and Keystone. Considering that this isn't a proper cross-over (i.e., there is no corresponding issue of The Flash to continue this arc), I was left wondering if there wasn't a better way to go about it because it felt info-dumpy. Maybe I hold Rucka up to impossible standards, but after the aerodynamic sleekness that is Queen & Country, I want to see him look like Fred Astaire when he dances with the Exposition Fairy. He wasn't doing the prom wobble, but he wasn't dancing up the walls and on to the ceiling, either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't get the feeling that Renee was about to do something stupid. Maybe I need to re-read the issue again.

I love this comic though.


Mon Mar 14, 12:26:00 AM EST  

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