Monday, March 28, 2005


And so Authority is now going to do Season Three of Alias.

It's been three years since the breakup of the Authority and while the team is in tatters, the world is doing just fine. Sadly for the world, this book is about the Authority.

This issue has the feel of one of those documentaries from the where they track down the members of some famous rock band from the '70's that spent their heyday on stage making magic and offstage being awesomely dissolute and destructive. The various members have all gotten their lives back together, except for the one who died of an OD, and are mostly living quietly and contently with a couple of kids and an odd fetish for leather pants. Maybe one or two of them have gone on to successful solo careers. The show ends and you realize that you miss the magic, but wouldn't wish the rest of it on them.

That vibe is not unintentional. The story is told both in the usual fashion and through the narrative trick of a retrospective news program filling us in on who is where in the three years since the Authority went their separate ways. Jack and Angie are still together on the Carrier, Shen is living in a monastary, Apollo is a single father raising Jenny because Midnighter is staying away out of guilt, and the Doctor is dead of an OD. Unfortunately, he probably won't stay that way. (What? I never liked the dude.) The Finer World may not have come about as Jenny Sparks planned, but after the disaster wrought upon it in the first five issues, it's doing quite all right and the Authority members realize that.

But, as I said, this book isn't about a finer world. It's about the Authority. And with Jenny (either oddly mature for her age or oddly short; I'm thinking the latter because we know she ages fast) discovering that things aren't as they should be -- which may or may not include the fact that Henry Bendix was spotted running around last issue -- you don't need to be a genius to hear the reunion tour dates being booked.

I like Ed Brubaker. A lot. And I give him points for making this series probably the most readable it's been since Ellis killed off Jenny Sparks and left. But the problem is that I got the 'finer world' reference -- I remember Fuji, Fahrenheit, Hellstrike and Winter and Jackson and Christine and how good things were back in Stormwatch. And it hasn't been that good in a long, long time. It hasn't been relevant in a long time. And I can't help but wonder if, like certain 1970's bands, the Authority may be better off calling it a day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Outta curiosity, do you think that Authority would be a much better book if it was about a Finer World?

-- Matt Hardwick

Mon Mar 28, 10:33:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They broke up Apollo and Midnighter? Sheesh, I hope they get them back together again. They were the best couple in that world.

Wed Mar 30, 01:09:00 PM EST  

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