Sunday, February 27, 2005


Road trip!

Ring of Truth ends with just as many questions as it began with, albeit different questions. We know why Yorick survived the plague, but now whether he's permanently immune. (Go see Dr. Scott's parsing of that revelation over at Polite Dissent.) We know a little more about 355's and Dr. Mann's histories, but but they've both gone and changed a bit. Hero's a little less crazy, but is she any more trustworthy? And who is Toyota working for and is it any more than an educated guess that had them contracting her to chase down Ampersand?

As ever, Brian Vaughan does a great job showing how time passes in other ways than just on a calendar. Choices are made that would have been made differently and responsibilities taken that would not be accepted back when this adventure began, but the transformations have been organic in that we've seen the causes as they've occured.

Pia Guerra's art is, as ever, lovely.

The trade for this arc has been solicited for June 2005. Which is your cue to go bother your LCS or add it to your Amazon list.


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