Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Take away Mia's somewhat annoying pages of recapitulation and this wasn't a half-bad issue. Also tying in to Identity Crisis (because everything must, eventually), this has Dr. Light starting his revenge for all that has been done to him and he starts with Ollie Queen, who tells Light to keep the kids out of things.
"The Justice League took my mind and fed me to their young. They made me a plaything to build their children's self-confidence. Don't you understand, Green Arrow? You and the others -- you put them in this. You put them right in the middle."
Everything Light says is borne out -- the Teen Titans don't take him seriously at all (except for Tim). And even with Wally's forewarning, they still underestimate the once-laughable Dr. Light.

What was nice to see here was the way Johns handled the Once a Titan, Always a Titan belief -- Dick, Wally, and Roy are forever Titans (so is Garth, Geoff, so go rescue him out of limbo) no matter whose beeper they currently carry. Also, Vic's handling of Mia. Vic is the perfect example for Mia to follow, as anyone who remembers his painful lack of self-esteem and self-loathing from the old Wolfman days can verify, and it was done without sledgehammering. Judd Winick should only watch and learn.


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