Sunday, February 27, 2005


For one and two-thirds series, it hasn't really mattered if you've read Point Blank, the prequel to Sleeper. At least not beyond the fact that it's a fabulous story and a better read than 90% of the stuff you're currently scarfing down. But at the three-quarter mark, it suddenly matters. Because Holden Carver tells you the plot twist of PB right at the get-go.

So, if you haven't read Point Blank and you're reading this before you've read the issue... Stop. Stop now. Go pick up the trade, either from Amazon,,, or your preferred online or local shop. Read that, then come back to this issue. Or, if you're waiting for the trade on this title -- which is okay, as Ed Brubaker fully admits he's writing this series for the trade, not as a monthly serial -- then make sure you read that before you pick up the second Season Two book. And if you've read the issue already... go read PB now anyway. Because it's that good and the Shrew is always right about things like this.

As for this issue's story... Gretchen is right. She did keep reminding Holden that she wasn't trustworthy. But while she tells Tao that Holden was thinking with his little head and not his big one, she (and we) both know that that's not the case. It was another organ that gets bigger and fills with blood -- the heart. And considering how ill Miss Misery has gotten this series, you sort of have to wonder which man she is betraying. Either way, though, Holden's exhibiting the sort of hubris that's gonna get him into trouble -- what makes him so sure that this time is going to be the case where he out-thinks Tao?

As much as I like Brubaker's work on Captain America, this title is perhaps the strongest evidence for why I can't help but mourn his exclusive contract with Marvel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Miss Misery has *become* any sicker through the series, I think, though, that Holden might have glossed it over a little in his own mind. Lynch, watching the Divine Miss M's antics last issue, isn't the least bit surprised by what she does.

We get into one of those "who's on first" routines this issue, though, trying to figure out how much of this is Holden's plan and how much isn't -- Holden knows Miss Misery is going to betray him, Tao probably knows Holden knows that, and if Tao knows that Holden knows, then.... you get the idea.

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