Sunday, February 27, 2005


I will be up front and admit that I had to reread this to make any sense and the parts that didn't confuse the heck out of me felt a little derivative (a little Sleeper, a little Starman, a little Outlaw Nation, etc.) even as the story as a whole was not, but I actually kinda liked it. Grant Morrison's obviously having a lot of fun, some of it at the original Seven Soldier's expense.

We start off with the rounding up of a pack of fourth-rate hero-types to be led by one old gem taking on a giant spider... or do we? There's a fair bit of Weapon X/X-Files stuff going on, plus an apparent alien invasion, some cosmic entities... and none of the four characters who start off the round of sub-series dedicated to them: Guardian, Zatanna, Klarion the Witch Boy, and the Shining Knight. But there are lots of soldiers on mosquitos. You have to wonder about red herrings when the ones trying to save the universe end up with the fanboy who bought TNT and Dyna-Mite's rings on eBay and, really, Greg Saunders can do better.

This is a very ambitious project -- two bookend issues on either side of a whack of sub-series featuring characters mostly too obscure for the casual reader to have much vested in them, sort of a grander version of the James Robinson-speared project that kicked off the return of the JSA back in 1999 -- and Morrison has been known to get distracted in the middle of complicated extended storylines. On the other hand, there is going to be ample chance to appreciate J.H. Williams's lovely pencils.

For those who'd like a little background on the original Seven Soldiers of Victory: DC Cosmic Teams provides.


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