Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I blithely ignored this series the first time around -- teenagers and I tend not to mix. But if I can grow to love Young Justice, then anything is possible. So when this series was restarted, I gamely put aside all fears of a grown-up Power Pack or Gen-X and sallied forth... not expecting to run into PP's Julie Power and former Gen-Xer Chamber. But it's all good.

How good is it? I intend to go through the first series (which was all of eighteen issues). These are teenagers who are busy trying to be adults while still enjoying the perquisites of youth. They are cynical, sarcastic, post-modern, and mindful of the legacies they carry. On the one side, there is the titular team, the children of the extinct Pride. On the other, there is the well-intentioned (but not that well-intentioned) support group for former teen heroes. Considering Brian Vaughan is also writing Ultimate X-Men, to hear characters decrying the notion of putting children in costume to save the world... the irony ain't lost.

Clever, stylishly drawn by Adrian Alphona, and accessible to those, like me, who skipped the first series.


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