Sunday, February 27, 2005


The second book of the week where fanboys get in trouble. That Bendis chose message boards as the means is hardly surprising all considering...

Mistaken identity on both sides of the Blackguard killings... or not. Pilgrim and Walker get close-but-not-exact in their pursuit of the Joke's killer and, since murder investigations are neither horseshoes nor hand-grenades, it's not good enough and when trouble arises, Walker makes a rather surprising call for back-up.

The actual policework is secondary to the story, however. Walker and Pilgrim are both keeping powers-related secrets -- Christian that Calista is the new Retro Girl and Deena's "contracting" of powers (that's the verb the front-matter uses) -- and the real plot is how those secrets, and the fact that the partners are keeping them from each other, are going to explode. It's not like they're not already running into secret-related trouble: together they've already been submarined in their investigation by uniformed policemen angry at their betrayal of the Blue Wall of Silence and individually they're running in to trouble with ex-lovers and it's only a matter of time before all the poop hits the fan. Fun stuff, although I always wonder if, despite the use of cliffhangers, this series is not better read in trade.

The first Marvel trade paperback of Powers has been solicited for April 2005.


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