Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Part One of "I Can't Believe Sue Dibny's Not Dead It's Not the Justice Leage". This is the sequel to the giddy Formerly Known as the Justice League, written without knowledge of Identity Crisis and thus apparently rendered unusable as a mini-series under its own title. So they jammed it into the otherwise unexceptional JLA Classified and we get our fix of DeMatteis and Giffen that way.

Along with the obvious points of divergence from continuity that DeMatteis and Giffen try to wave away with "A long time ago, in a decade far, far away" sign, there are other moments of cringe-worthy resonance with IC -- such as the extended joke about Sue Dibny being pregnant. But...

... But it really doesn't matter. Because I was laughing too hard to care after a few pages. Mary Marvel on caffeine. Gladys. Booster and Beetle. Fire calling Booster. Booster wanting to call Page Six. Sue threatening to call Gladys (Booster's sugar momma wife) and tell her that Booster and Beetle "are much more than just friends" and the boys' vehement denial. The last page, which should have been terrifying, but how can you not break out in giggles at Guy Gardner in a white pimp suit with a chartreuse shirt open at the collar and a gold chain?


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