Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Golden Eagle?!?!? Get me off this nostalgia merry-go-round, I think I'm getting seasick. After seeing The Incredibles and young Buddy, I can't quite look at Charley Parker the same way again -- if that's him, of course, which would be difficult, but it's not as if DC has never undeaded anyone before. Palmiotti and Gray are continuing the nostalgia trip with the Hawks' wannabe sidekick Golden Eagle -- or someone wearing his costume -- while St. Roch (which seems oddly nightlight despite helpful narrative blocks telling us it's midday; from the context, I think those are typos) both recovers from the zombie attack as well as gets infested with the Hawks' old rogues. And Kendra gets randy. Really, really randy.

Carter decides to be a gentleman, presumably because he's fixating on the whole 'if I love her, she'll die' thing. He's kinda got a point -- Shiera being the last of the official Dead True Loves, but there has also been a pair of dead girlfriends in this series alone -- and yet, considering how permanently he's screwed up Kendra's dating life, the least he could do is accomodate her urges. Maybe he just doesn't like hammock sex.

As with, say, Ult-X, I really hope that there's a point and a plot tucked in to all of this nostalgia. Because, unlike the X-Men's chronology, which is linear (albeit wacky), the Hawk continuity is brain-breaking and doesn't necessarily warm anyone's cockles by being regurgitated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I'm wondering is whether Carter was wearing anything in that hammock and if so, what?

Golden Eagle looks kind of interesting, but then I've been skimming over most of the random Hawkman Villain Reincarnates.

Thu Feb 24, 03:23:00 PM EST  

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