Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Let me say up front that I liked the issue. Let me also say up front that part of the reason I liked the issue has nothing to do with the issue and everything to do with the cover of The Rann/Thanagar War #1. But.

* Anyone who has read Green Lantern #100-06 (collected in the GL: Emerald Knights trade paperback; a worthwhile arc) knows that Hal -- the not-crazy, still-the-hero, on-his-way-to-being-Barry's-best-bud version -- and Kyle have not only met and fought together, but they've also fought Sinestro together (in GL #100). And Parallax, too, but it's Sinestro that requires a little selective amnesia for Rebirth. Because obviously Geoff Johns has never read GL #100 as he doesn't seem to know that Kyle and Sinestro already know each other. Which is a shame because Hal and Kyle pull a pretty good stunt on Sinestro to defeat him in that issue and Kyle took a helluva beating to pull it off.

* That has to be the most random selection of heroes ever assembled to face Parallax!Hal. Why are the Teen Titans there and not the rest of the JSA? Why isn't Wally there? Or Tempest? or Nightwing? And why does Supergirl get speaking parts when Batman doesn't?

* I still refuse to respect The Big Yellow Locust of Fear. But I will accept a sentient entity that feeds on fear and infects even the bravest... so long as we never, ever, ever see it in bug form and we don't call it Parallax. Because Parallax was a cool name for what Hal became and is still meaningless for a fear vampire.

* I know the Black Circle: Urban Knights arc was stultifyingly dull and offensively stupid, but it's in continuity. So is Identity Crisis. So, for that matter, is the Archer's Quest arc of Green Arrow. Translation: Kyle already has Ollie's respect, Geoff. Just because it didn't happen with Hal's corpse in the room doesn't mean it didn't happen. Giving Kyle Ollie's blessing didn't suddenly turn Kyle from wannabe-Lantern to Finally Able to Hang with the Big Boys any more than the second-but-you-don't-count-the-first Kyle-Sinestro fight did. It's annoying to keep pretending that none of Kyle's accomplishments matter until they get reproduced in a context with Hal.

* While we're on that thread -- for all of the times Kyle got his ring taken back before he gave it the cosmic equivalent of a Lojack system and a homing device, he's pretty good at having to fight without resorting to using his ring.

* Johns wimped out in a big way with the Spectre. Guy is right -- they did get ditched. The Spectre is the agent of divine vengeance and His might is infinite; it certainly stretches as far as Oa. The quick and totally random dispatching of the Spectre was a sour, sour note because it was a transparent cop-out. Especially with the blatantly religious aspect of Hal's resurrection (no, no, Hal. Take the left tunnel to the bright light. The left one, not the right. The right goes to heaven...)

* I really liked Ollie's reaction to using the ring. I also liked Sinestro's diagnosis for why Ollie wouldn't be very good with it.

* I loved Parallax's reaction to Alan and how he described him.


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