Wednesday, February 16, 2005


And "Tag" continues. For all of you who are waiting to read this one in trade... block some time because you're doing all of this in one sitting. Also, eat first because this one's running high on the eyeballs and dismemberment.

It says something for the plot of this arc -- and for Vaughan's storycrafting abilities -- that gay marriage is a sub-plot. Hundred is eager to carry out the wedding (and hooray for gay conservatives!), but compared with psychotic-episode-inducing symbols, his first date with Suzanne Padilla, the convergence of past and present with Jackson Georges, and his own past choices coming back to complicate things -- not to mention the day-to-day problems of running the city -- what's the big deal about two guys getting hitched?

This arc has yo-yoed back and forth in time, from Hundred's early interactions with the federales as a broke, idealistic civil engineer and his later ones as mayor and how so many things have changed. And how so many things haven't -- Hundred is that much of an idealist that he will throw away his own future for a greater good. Riveting.

NYC Geek moment: I could have sworn Hundred ran as an independent. If he did, then the 11 September 2001 primary shouldn't have meant a thing beyond planning for the future; both the Democrats and Republicans had contested races that year, but it shouldn't have mattered for an independent in a city that routinely runs nine parties' candidates.


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