Wednesday, February 16, 2005


See, I was all good with this issue until Alex Maleev used Brian Bendis as a photo reference for a young Wilson Fisk on the last page. Because, dude? Just wrong. If perhaps apt considering Bendis's position at Marvel.

Golden Age ends with a lot of fighting (still not Maleev's strong point) and a few revelations. Matt shows Agent Del Toro the meaning of hero-hood -- and the look on her face when she figures it out is priceless -- and has his final showdown with Alexander Bont, who is more than happy to sacrifice everything and more to bring Daredevil down. Del Toro takes out the Gladiator, Foggy cleans up for Matt, Bont ends up dead of his lust for revenge, and poor Melvin goes back up the river. Things go in cycles on both sides of the fence -- Bont to Fisk, Daredevil to White Tiger, Matt Murdock getting the upper hand in the place where Jack Murdock lost his life.

Next month begins Bendis and Maleev's final arc, The Decalogue, which will cover the 'gap year' between DD #50 and DD #55.


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