Wednesday, February 16, 2005


This was an issue full of blink-worthy moments. First, there was the rather hideous cover, which did not go well with the generally pretty-pretty interior art. Then there was the flashback to Lex Luthor (aka Superman's arch-enemy) showing Pete Ross (aka Clark Kent's best friend) photo evidence of Clark being Superman. Then there was the everything-but-the-proof evidence of Pete being the new Ruin, out to destroy everything in Superman's life. And finally there was Lois's biological clock going off, presumably for an ulterior motive. In between, Jimmy Olsen got fried, angry intrepid reporter Geraldine got another Lesson, Lupe got to whip out those big guns again, and Lois told Perry that she was shot solely to end the war in Umec.

If Pete, whose life is in shambles, is indeed Ruin... it would be a bigger shock than Tommy Elliot being Hush because, well, Pete Ross has been around a lot longer than Dr. Elliot. It would also be a helluva quandary for Clark -- Diana has already advised him to kill Ruin before Ruin kills one of his loved ones, but what does he do when Ruin is one of those loved ones?


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