Friday, March 04, 2005


I suppose we were always coming to this -- sins of the father visited upon the son.

Someone who has read much more Spider-Man than I have will come at this story arc differently than I am; I only know about 'main universe' Harry Osborn's fate because Foggy Nelson was dating his widow. Whether what came to pass in the main 'verse will come to pass here, I couldn't tell you because I don't know. As for the Ultimate story... on the one hand, we've seen this coming a mile away. On the other, Peter really does need an actual villain to fight to break up the sheer monotony wall of angst that he faces as a civilian.

Harry's a basically good guy, a kid who wants to think the world of his father and, through means both willful and not, is very confused. Norman Osborn was a true villain, willing to go to incredible lengths to have his cake and eat it, too -- to cross ethical boundaries at whim and get away with it -- and bought Harry's silence with Harry's love. And now Norman is finding a use for Harry that he could never find when they were a nominal family unit -- if Norman can't progress the Green Goblin formula, then Harry can. Perhaps this could be interesting, but I sort of doubt that it will be as fun as the Spider-Man 3 will be.

I understand what Bendis was doing in terms of narrative flow, but I'm not sure it worked. Harry's muddled, but the readers shouldn't be.


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