Thursday, March 03, 2005


My love for this series is unabated, but I will admit that this is the first issue that has made me wonder if the arcs might not be better read in trade. [Toward that end, Small Gods: Killing Grin is available and a definite should-read.]

Part Three of Dead Man's Hand has Bobby Pope still on the run from Detective Irvine and his crooked buddies. We met Lucy Naylor in the back-up to #6 and now she comes to the foreground, sucked into Bobby's troubles. More a straightforward action issue; Bobby's telepathic and empathic abilities didn't come in to play as much as they did in the first two parts of this story.

While generally I have been most impressed with Juan Ferreyra's artwork, some of the layouts in the two-page spreads left a bit to be desired and, in the absence of dialogue or narrative boxes, muddied the story in places.

Snapshots continues as the back-up, filling in the story behind Bobby and Lucy's relationship. Ferreyra uses a different style for this story, coming up with a softer, less angular look and a very dark, thick outlining edge. Every panel is in motion and it's quite fluid.

There are also two pin-ups in the back, one of Lucy and a lovely one by Lucius Romero of Bobby and Lucy fleeing over cars.


Anonymous Rhyo said...

I picked up the trade, and have really mixed feelings. It's beautiful, the characters are solid, it's an interesting set-up and take on the world, it's well-written, occasionally gripping, but the main plot was so very predictable.

How is the next plot going? I'll probably pick up the next trade, just to show solidarity for titles other than the big two, but I'd like to see more "ooomph" in the plotting.

Fri Mar 04, 02:39:00 PM EST  

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